Who may join the OIRCA?

The OIRCA has six categories of membership. Click on the appropriate category to view membership criteria for that group and to access Enrollment Forms
Active for industrial, commercial and institutional roofing contractors,
Associate for product manufacturers and suppliers,
Branch for Active Member companies with satelite offices,
Consultants for roofing specifier/designers and inspectors,
Industry for those who are involved with roofing related activities that do not fall into the Active, Associate or Consultant categories, and
Affiliated Contractor Member for companies that are engaged in the operation of a sub-contracting or general contracting business but is NOT involved in the application of either ICI or residential roofing products or systems. 

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the well being of the roofing industry will find a place for themselves in the OIRCA.

Why should I join the OIRCA? What will the OIRCA do for my company?

The OIRCA and its members serve the Construction Industry through committees that specialize in Roofing Technology and Procedures, Industry Occupational Health and Safety, Apprenticeship, Communications and Education, Labour Relations and Membership. The OIRCA offers you a forum to contribute to the industry that provides you with your livelihood. Current OIRCA members have been responsible for shaping the industry you enjoy today. OIRCA membership will also help you pre-qualify for tenders that specify the use of OIRCA members to bid and complete the work. OIRCA roofing contractors account for roughly seventy percent of all industrial-commercial roofing work done in the province. OIRCA membership will send a message to the industry that your company has been evaluated for compliance with the highest standard in the roofing trade.

What services are available from the OIRCA?

All OIRCA members will have access to Association conferences, seminars, training, committee meetings, newsletters and bulletins that will keep them up to date on industry related news and issues. Membership will also benefit from relationships with other affiliated roofing, construction, safety and government organizations.


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